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jane’s growed up booties experiment

Every since I knit Saartje’s Bootees for the first time, I’ve wanted to try to make a larger version of the pattern for myself.  I finally got around to trying this last month – just in time to make them as Christmas … Continue reading

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10 days of purging!

I hereby declare the rest of September to be “fall cleaning” (part) month.  We’re making some strides on decluttering paperwork today and I’m hoping to keep the momentum.  I am going through the mailing-list removal process again.  It seems that … Continue reading

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beach sun family blue sky salmon cake slide  art toasts rice-attack deck dancing rcmp wine hiding kissing happy bliss 

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9 Days Out!

I know our wedding is close because we are on the 10 day weather forecast!  In the past twelve years or so, I do not EVER remember it raining when we have been there.  So, I’m choosing NOT to believe … Continue reading

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   present Originally uploaded by seejanebe So far, we’ve been able to recycle or reuse almost all of the packaging from our wedding gifts. The one item that is stumping me though is this Crate & Barrel ribbon. I have … Continue reading

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