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Singing Bee and Living without Cable

My cable (legitimately) got cut off on July 3rd when my cable company rebranded (got bought out actually) and decided to do a sweep of my townhome laden neighbourhood to ensure people were only getting the services for which they had … Continue reading

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Newfie Joke?

Ok, it has to be some sort of Newfie Joke that the White Stripes put on a secret, one-note show in St. John’s last night. They got on stage, played a C and left.  I wonder if their long lost … Continue reading

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The Shins, An Opening, Running and (of course) Bags

Went to see The Shins this week and they were very good.  The main thing that I noticed is that they look much older than they did the last time I saw them.  Then again, so do I.  They sounded … Continue reading

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Starbucks Impulse Buy – The Shins

Yup, Starbucks wins.  Went in because someone offered to buy me a latte.  The latte took an extra long time to be concocted and I couldn’t stop staring at the new Shins CD, so shiny and beautiful in its plastic-wrapping.  And … Continue reading

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I say, why not?

This weekend, a group of us have decided to head to Monster Jam.  People keep on asking why and I keep on telling them that it’s the new black, but no one believes me.  Hopefully, I’ll get some fun shots … Continue reading

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