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Enchanting Objects 4

Well, I’ve been here there and everywhere over the past 4 weeks and not posting much!  Chicago X 2 + Seattle + Small Towns in Texas = Road Weary Jane.  I have, however, come across the following beautiful things during … Continue reading

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Ideas for Low Impact Travel

I’ll be heading out of town in the near future for a business conference.  I haven’t had to travel over the past few months for work, but I have a few trips coming up.  So, it got me to thinking … Continue reading

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Hills Hills Hills

So, the Austin Marathon - a newly redesigned course, I think meant to take people through more attractive areas of the city.  And, apparently the race committee are all sick and twisted because they found all the inclines in the city and … Continue reading

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Austin Half Marathon Again, but Not Really

I’m heading out tomorrow to run the Austin Half Marathon on Sunday. I’ve run it before, but this year they changed the course, so it’ll be a whole new race.  Plus, I haven’t really been training and am going to … Continue reading

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Well, I’m off to Winnipeg (aka The Peg, Winterpeg and lots of other names) for the Grey Cup.  I’ll fully admit that I’m not even sure who is playing on Sunday.  What I do know is I bought $19.99 winter … Continue reading

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