Everyone Needs a Tip Jar

About 2 months ago, my office-mate and I introduced a tip jar into our workspace. We figured that since we were seeing tip jars everywhere, we might as well see if it would work for us – even though it was grossly out of context. I brought in a lovely bowl made par moi in the pottery studio and we made a very simple sign for it that says “TIPS”. No “Tipping is Sexy” or “Tipping is good karma” here – just straight up “TIPS”.

The next step was to seed the bowl with some coins. We threw in a few pennies, then decided that we should add some quarters so that people would leave bigger coins too. Remarkably, the tip bowl worked! Within the first week we had over $2 in coin and a note from a smart alec which said, “Buy low, Sell high”.

After about a month, we decided that we should take the proceeds from the tip bowl and invest the money in lottery tickets. So far, we’ve been able to buy 4 and it looks like we currently have enough pennies for another. No returns on that investment yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

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