A Warning to All

This year I decided that I should try to do more with my savings.  This currently entails taking some extra funds out of my chequing account and seeing where I can invest them to make some $$$ besides the crappy bank interest.  So, I transferred some cash into a trading account where I had some existing stock (through a former employer) and did a little unscientific research into some mutual funds.

All of this took until the beginning of this week, so I put in an order for my mutual funds on Sunday and some higher risk stocks (Starbucks, actually) on Monday.  Yup – then everything totally tanked.  I woke up this morning to a story on NPR about how Tuesday was the biggest dive in the stock market in five years or something.  I’m already down 3.54%.

This exact same thing happened around 2000 when I decided to try to invest some money.  I should have known – I apologize for not informing you guys of the financial havoc that would ensue with me trying to increase my net worth.  I seem to have thrown the world economy off kilter.

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One Response to A Warning to All

  1. pat says:

    you owe me alot of money!!