April’s Paper Challenge



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Ok – here it is! The challenge of the month – Reduce the Amount of Paper You Receive. This is another major clutter peeve of mine. I don’t ask for this mail and I certainly don’t want it. Yup, I know I can recycle it – but really, I’d rather no one put forth the effort at all to give it to me.

I think I ordered something from Pottery Barn once five years ago and this is the result. I recognize that actually getting off mailing lists may take longer than the end of the month, but I’m going to track it nonetheless. Stay tuned for a detailed account of how much paper I receive on a weekly basis. I also plan to reduce my mail in other ways – such as fully converting to online billing. I’ll share information as I come across it.

By the way, this is only about a week’s worth of mail.

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3 Responses to April’s Paper Challenge

  1. sara says:

    cool! I have also looked into reducing my junk mail and, for the most part, it involves contacting the individual senders for each piece of mail you want to quit receiving.

    There are companies who will do this work for you (cost appx. 4.00 a month):

    Or you can do it yourself:

  2. Mama T says:

    I did this when we lived in Houston. I would phone the catalogue number each time I got one in the mail and I think it worked. Hard to tell because you get SOOO many. Another good reason to live north of the border! We don’t get any catalogues. I’m going to save my mail for the next week for a comparison shot, but it’s not going to be much of a stack.

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