Off to a Conference about Environmental Things

So, I’m headed to Austin for the annual conference put on by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - which actually sounds much more exciting than it is.  It’s general a very technical conference about how industry in the state is required to measure and report their air, water and waste emissions.  At least it’s in Austin!  Fun.

I feel like I did make an impact on my paper reduction this month, but only time will tell as I think it will take a month or so for all my changes to trickle through the system.  Oh, and I have one more bill which I need to switch to online billing and then I’ll be fully paperless.

I’m thinking that I need May to come to an equilibrium and find some more areas of my life where I can make some changes to be more “eco-friendly”.  So rather than make another process change (wow, I’m a geek), I’m officially declaring May to be The-Month-of-Purging-Reusable-Things.  In other words, it’s time to purge and get rid of a bunch of crap.  I did this two years ago when I quit my job and had The Summer of Jane and felt great afterwards.  Time to thin out my closet, bookshelf, cd rack, kitchen, etc.  I’m going to see how many bags of crap I can donate to charity, or if it’s not reusable, then I’ll try to recycle it.

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3 Responses to Off to a Conference about Environmental Things

  1. pat says:

    please don’t “donate” my jacket, and the book you borrowed!!

  2. jcb says:

    what book?!?

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