Wecome (Back) to Glenbogle

When all the fall shows started up again in September, I was finding more than enough to occupy my time during TV-time so I completely stalled on my Netflix queue.  First, it was the new shows (Pushing Daisies, Life) that got me.  Then, well then, I went to Target and bought myself some HD rabbit ears and voila! suddenly I had 6 HD channels and 3 non HD channels at my fingertips (as opposed to 3 fuzzy channels before then).

I always thought that people who raved about HD were full of crap – could it really be that much better?  Earlier this year when I had The Sick, I had an unfortunate TV break down on Day 4 with the catheter which resulted in an emergency phone call to the bf, followed by a field trip to Best Buy (catheter sloshing all the way) and an impulse buy of a 32 inch flat screen HD TV.  I really wasn’t interested in the HD, but all of the TVs for sale were HD.

Well, I’m here to tell you now that those HD-lovin’-people ARE NOT full of crap.  HD is indeed Magic.  The HD antenna was the best $39.99 I’ve ever spent at Target (and that’s saying A LOT.  I love me some Target.)

So, the point here?  Well, I am shamefully confessing that I kept my Netflix version of The Lives of Others in my possession for over two months while I was engrossed in all of this ($18.00 for that rental – yikes).  And, I’m excited to say that I finally watched it last weekend and it was excellent!  And now, I’m thrilled to be receiving Season One of Monarch of the Glen this Saturday.  Yup, I’ve seen it and the first few seasons before, but now I’ve decided to rewatch them and then make it through the newer ones.  I need to get better at knitting while watching the telly so that I can fully take in Archie in action.

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