Five Goals for January

You know, I don’t really “believe” in New Year’s resolutions, but I usually have a few days off at this time of year which gets me thinking about all the things that I need to do over the next little while.  So, that got me to thinking that I should post them here each month and then maybe I’d make them happen faster!  I think this may be inspired by my visit with my parents’ financial advisor when I was up in Toronto last week.  The first thing he asked me was about my financial goals and I had no idea!  He strongly encouraged me to come up with some sort of goal for retirement.

So, here they are – some goals for January – in no particular order:

  1. Run the Houston Marathon (January 13).
  2. Find someone to manage my investments and set up my accounts to automagically funnel $$ there each paycheck.
  3. Fix my laptop computer monitor (have had the parts since August, just haven’t dared).
  4. Update Quicken with all Financial Info from 2007.
  5. Archive old paperwork from 2007 and shred the rest.
  6. Finish knitting Laura’s scarf and hat.
  7. Find a new eye doctor and schedule a visit.
  8. Find the stupid new EZ tag they mailed to me last year and finally put it on my car and send the old one back.
  9. Buy film and send the Holga to Chris and Paula! (Sorry guys, there was no room in my luggage.  I tried to buy film on Friday and they were out.)
  10. Purge and Organize the upstairs rooms of my house.
  11. Move the treadmill from the top of the stairs!

Or course, there are a gazillion other things to do – like taking in my recycling and taking down the tree, etc, etc, but they would happen anyway.  Those above (except the marathon) are things that I’ve been putting off, or haven’t had time to do.  Wish me luck!

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