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I’m really good at sitting in one spot today. Or, even standing in one spot for that matter. However, the moving around is a bit of a challenge. If I had only thought to relocate my fridge to my bedroom last week, I’d be stellar.

So, I thought I might finish this marathon somewhere in the 4:30 to 4:35 range and I came in around 4:37. Pretty close to my what I was telling people – the glitch is this: I thought if I did 4:35 it would be super easy and I would feel great today. It wasn’t – and I don’t. I had a great first 12 miles (was running sub 10s) and then I bonked. I have no idea why – I mean, I could theorize – but who really knows?

This was a big shocker for me! I have done almost all of my other full and half marathons at a consistent pace or with negative splits. Yesterday, I did the first half in around 2:10 and the second in 2:27 – yikes! Thanks go to everyone who came out to cheer. For the second half, you were my inspiration. “Walk for two minutes, then run all the way to Pat and Sara.”, “Keep running to Patrick”, etc, etc!


Oh, and by the way – I made the Chronicle today!  I just squeaked in to the top 1000 female finishers, so my name is in print!  Yay!

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