Life On the Road

The weather in Northern Illinois has again dipped below freezing!  Ick!  Since, I’m here for two weeks I tried to set some goals before I left to try to be healthy.  Basically, the goals were to try to eat healthy and workout.  Sounds easy right?  Not so much when lunch is catered daily and your hotel has no gym and it’s freezing and dark outside.

So, this has been my plan and I actually think it’s working out pretty well so far.  I’ve actually gone down one belt-hole size since I got here:

Step One:  Tell the client that you are a vegetarian!  My theory was that I would end up with lighter and healthier meals and boy was I right.  All of the standard lunches have been breaded meats and entirely covered in gravy.  I’ve been treated to veggie and egg laden salads, cheese ravioli and veggie sandwiches.  Not the most original selection of vegetarian options, but much lighter and healthier than the open-faced turkey and beef sandwiches or chicken parmigiana that everyone else is chowing down on.  (For long plane rides, I apply the same theory – I think that if you special order a vegetarian meal, it’s bound to be a bit fresher than the standard.)

Step Two:  Pack a Resistance Band and Check Out YouTube.  There are loads of videos out there, I figured there should be some hotel room workouts.  And there are, but not as many as I had hoped.  Some of them are condensed and expect you to pause the video and do repetitions which isn’t for me.  Today, I did this resistance band workout and I have a feeling I will be sore tomorrow.

Step Three:  Take the Stairs, Park Far Away – All That Stuff that I should do all the time anyway.  Not being lazy is one of my primary sources of exercise!

Step Four:  Eat at Applebee’s and Ask About Portions.  They have an entire section of their menu with about a dozen 500 cal or less meals available, complete with WeightWatchers points.  I’ve had two different meals and they were quite tasty.  I think a lot of the lower calorie counts are due to the portions and these portions are what I would serve myself at home anyway.  At a different restaurant, I was saying how I thought it sounded like a lot of food and the waitress let me order the lunch version, even though it was 6 pm.  It was a lot less food and again, more like what I would serve myself at home.

Step Five:  Grab Healthy Snacks Where You Can!  I’ve been taking extra time to get up in the morning and sample the hotel breakfast because they make a big vat of unsweetened Quaker oatmeal.  I figure it may be the healthiest thing I get to eat all day, so I am taking advantage.  At the same time, I grab a couple of bananas and take them with me to the site so that I’m not tempted to go shopping in the vending machine mid-afternoon.  I also brought a pack of Kashi TLC Trail Mix bars with me for the same reason.

Any other ideas, given my current constraints?

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One Response to Life On the Road

  1. Sis says:

    Your ideas are great. Mine is to walk a very large US mall whilst shopping. There is such great expanse and so little time that is sometimes becomes speed walking.