Purging Books

Did you know that Powell’s Books has an online setup for selling your old books?  I was chatting with Shannon yesterday about purging for the impending move and she pointed me to the site.  It’s actually quite brilliant, you enter your ISBNs – they tell you what they will take – and pay for the shipping!  You get an online credit to buy more books!

Last time I purged books and went to Half Price Books to sell them, I seem to recall that it took forever and I had to make multiple visits to the store until the “right” person was there.  (I wonder why I didn’t blog that – because that is what is etched in my memory…)  So, I am welcoming the fact that I can sit here in my bathrobe with coffee and type in ISBNs and see what Powell’s will take!  And then I can by more used books from Powell’s.

Here’s the catch though – they don’t seem to want very many of my books.  Should I be offended?  So far, they will take:

And here are a few they will NOT take:

I am really having troubles resisting the urge to sit here all day and type in every ISBN on my book shelf JUST because I am curious to see if they will take them!  Luckily, I am headed to Toronto later today and I must pack or there will be some repercussions.

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4 Responses to Purging Books

  1. Sis' says:

    There is a Canadian online used book seller that is based in Victoria. I’ve noticed that all of the used book stores use it as a reference to look up book titles and authors. It is more like eBay, where you set the price. They sell books from around the world. Maybe you can put the rest there.

  2. Buchanan-wannabe says:

    Good to know – I’m fast approaching a purge myself. Although I wonder how many of my books would make the cut. Would that be a certain birthday robe you’re sporting there sport? Have a great time in tropics.

  3. Mama T says:

    so, what’s the scoop with the move? has anything solid happened or are you in pre-stage/list purge mode?

  4. jcb says:

    last weekend was the first weekend in about 2 months when i was in actually in town and didn’t have house guests! patruck has met with realtor that specializes in his area and she gave him a list of fix ups. So, we spent last sunday painting, replacing ceiling fans and light fixtures at his place. the realtor is on vacay this week, but when we get back next week – he’ll sign a contract with her. Next weekend is my purge and clean weekend and then we will look for a realtor who will cover midtown and the heights and use them for both my place and the new one.

    we are moving on this (pardon the pun), but slowly due to weddings, house guests, business trips, etc!