The Cookie Count

So, we had one showing per day last Wednesday through Saturday and an open house + 3 showings yesterday.  That takes us up to a total of 15 over 12 days.  I fully did not expect anyone to come on Sunday outside of the scheduled open house hours, so we were lounging around watching the end of Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest (Lots of action, disappointed with the cliff-hanger ending! This is a movie, not a TV show!) when we got the first call.  I don’t think we’ve ever moved that quickly!  Thirty minutes for us both to shower and get ready and to tidy the house.  We left 5 minutes early (at 10:55 am) and STILL ran into the potential buyer on the way out.

Then we got a call whilst at the grocery of someone wanting to come from 12:30 to 2:30, even with the 2:00 – 4:00 open house.  I explained that we really wanted to do some vacuuming and cookie baking prior to the open house and that 12:30 was not good…so we comprimised with 1:15.

We raced back to the house and hoped the 11:00 – 12:00 people would be gone (and they were) and then vacuumed and dusted and baked cookies.  Twenty-four cookies to be exact.  Well, ok, really 22 because I ate 2 raw.  We left a nice note and headed to the pub at 1:05 or so.  We were going to have lunch and then invade Pat and Sara’s as they were out of town, but the pints just kept on flowing so we stayed.  We were finally about to leave at 4:10 and got a call that someone else wanted a showing from 4:30 to 5:30!  Wha?  Ok, we’ll have another pint if you insist.

When we finally did get back into the house, 14 cookies were remaining (after I ate 2 more).  So based on the inventories, 6 cookies were eaten.  And we’re guessing the open house lady had one.  In the words of Megan, “You either had one really hungry dude, or a few people come through.”.  We should find out soon which scenario it was.

Early this morning, we got an extremely low ball of an offer from the “10:55 buyer” who we ran into when we were leaving yesterday morning.  She was 15% lower than list.  I mean, I guessed that some people might start at $230K as a very lowball offer (it’s listed at $255K), but $225K?  My realtor agrees that it is almost insulting, especially considering the amount of interest.

The potential buyer didn’t put a time limit on when I need to respond to the offer and we had another second showing at the open house (a guy brought his gf by after seeing it himself), so I’m going to wait a day or so before we even respond to the first offer.  But “yay” finally an offer!

Interesting days to follow!  We close on the new house on Wednesday and move Patruck’s stuff in on Saturday.  I think we’ll start living there this weekend, but without all my stuff.  It’ll be like camping.

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One Response to The Cookie Count

  1. Shannon says:

    The guy who bought our condo in Calgary tried to lowball too–then came around when we rejected it (I think our realtor told his realtor that the offer was insulting, too).

    Unless you figure that the inconvenience of showing is worth a $30K hit, you can afford to wait. With the number of people looking at it, the odds are in your favour–and you’ll have somewhere other than the bar to hang out by next weekend :)