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This picture made me laugh so hard – I just had to post it.

Last night, Patruck had Part Two of a sleep study. The first part of the study was at the end of June while I was up in Michigan. The conclusion of the first study was that although he didn’t have apnea, he had respiratory issues which kept him from entering deep sleep. That night, he only went into deep sleep for 9% of the night.

Part Two was the actual CPAP test and tuning. This morning he was so excited that it was contagious. He slept so well with the CPAP that the Sleep Clinic Crew let him sleep in and when he woke up, he was the only patient left! He apparently went into deep sleep 6 times in the night and says he can’t remember the last time he slept that well.

The Sleep Clinic Crew are also a very clever bunch, as they set up a visit by the CPAP vendor first thing in the morning. So, he stuck around and now owns his very own CPAP. Apparently it’s the size of a box of tissue and makes less noise than the ceiling fan (or, at least that’s what I’ve been told).  Not sure how much insurance is going to cover, but if he sleeps well I’m not sure it matters.

So, now I’m shacked up with Darth-Patruck.

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