Ike, Ike, Ike

Dear Ike -

Ok, at first I was just upset that you were disrupting my long run this Saturday (18 miles = hard to reschedule), but now you are causing even more problems!  I wasn’t expecting my office to shut up at 2 pm today and then officially LOCK DOWN the buildings at 6 pm until at least Monday…and you see – I’ve got a lot of work to do.  Also, you are really disrupting my departure on Sunday to a conference in San Antonio.

Look – we’ve cleared all possible “projectiles” out of our yard and have a case of water, and a crank radio/flashlight.  Can you just move along up the coast now?  At least so we end up on the “clean” side of you?  Listen – that’d be really nice.  I’d really be happy to keep my power and not have to subsist off of canned soup for several days.

Oh – and stop speeding up!  I was hoping to squeeze in a long run tomorrow morning instead, but you seem to be accelerating, so the wind looks like it’s gonna kick up by 8 am.

In short, we are very happy in our new home – please leave us be.



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