October 27th, 9 pm

That’s when I will have made it through all the crazy that is my current existence.  I think it started last week, or sometime before then.  And when I squeezed in a trip to Chicago, it really unleashed the crazy.  In about four hours, I’m presenting at a national conference.  (Yup, scared poopless.)  Then I get to head to San Fran to run the marathon this weekend and after that I have a few days to prepare for the first ever Users Group Meeting for the software product that I manage.

These are all really stressing me out.  But at least after 2 pm today two of four will be complete.  Then just a marathon and major product milestone left to deal with.  Piece of cake, right?

Hmmm…I was going to post a link to runner tracking – but the Nike Marathon site sucks BIG time.  They’ve kind of set it up in a blog format and it’s really counter-intuitive and bad.  So sorry, no way to track me at this point.  (You know, for the marathon – not just on a day to day basis.)

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