The Things We Do in the Night

Since moving in together, Patrick and I have both developed very interesting nighttime behaviours. And when I say nighttime behaviours, I mean when we are sleeping! We both seem to be subject to our new habits intermittently and thus far they haven’t happened at the same time. Until last night – we actually both woke up at 4 am and had the following conversation:

(P returns from potty break) 

J: Are you ok?
P: Yes, I am fine.
J: Ok, good.
P: You were humming in your sleep again earlier.
J: Really, is that why you were rubbing my back?
(long pause)
P: I was rubbing your back?
J: You don’t remember?
P: Nope.
J (laughing): Oh, I don’t remember humming – but I woke up because you were rubbing my back – you really don’t remember?
P (laughing): Nope, not at all. Goodnight.

Yup, I’ve started humming in my sleep (no idea why – have NEVER done it until a few months ago) and Patrick has started rubbing my back in his sleep. I’m such a light sleeper that I usually wake myself up right away due to the humming, but not last night. And (how lucky am I?) Patrick has started rubbing my lower back in his sleep. Both just since we’ve shacked up a few months ago. Hilarious.

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One Response to The Things We Do in the Night

  1. The Van Demonian in Jane's life says:

    Well, you certainly talk in your sleep. A room full of backpackers heard your Christmas wish list at 5am one morning I seem to remember…