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So, I’m knitting along on my first-ever sweater and I come to an instruction that I’m not familiar with, so I say it aloud…

J: hmm…s2kp…
P: sorry, what?
J: s2kp – in my knitting pattern. I’m supposed to s2kp and I’m not sure what that means.
(meanwhile I’m flipping back through the instructions to find out)
P (without missing a beat): well, it’s pretty clear…
(like he’s an expert all of a sudden?)
P: it means Supposed 2 Kiss Patrick.
(clever, clever boy)

NOTE:  It actually means slip next 2 sts together (knitwise – like a k2tog), k, pass slipped stitched over the one just knit.  It’s a double decrease.

If it weren’t for moments like that, this sweater really could be driving me INSANE. You see, when I had a little less experience, I bought a lot of 10 balls of Rowan Cashcotton off of e-bay. Either I didn’t know, or I didn’t look carefully, but I’m not sure I really realized it was DK weight. (AND, let’s confess, I think I may have been in an e-bay-competitive-bidding-frenzy during which all I want to do is WIN the item and I don’t really care what it is).

I used ravelry’s pattern search feature extensively to try to find a sweater pattern that:
1) used DK weight yarn,
2) the user ratings said the pattern was simple enough for a rookie like me,
3) was something I actually liked, &
4) the pattern was free so that I could check it out ahead of time and see what I was actually getting myself in to.

Hence, I found the roam. So far so good, but here are some impressions so far:

-this sweater will take a LONG time for me to finish. DK weight yarn + small needles + seed stitch = VERY slow progress.
-frogging BACK to previous rows is nearly impossible for me with this stitch. I made a mistake (not shown in picture) about 4 inches into it and just couldn’t rip back the few rows that I needed to. The mistake taunts me everytime I look at the piece, but I’m trying to use it as some sort of lesson in zen. Patrick suggested I cover it with a vintage button, but that might look odd as it’ll end up right on my butt.

Progress is in fact so slow, that I’ve decided I need to knit a “faster” sweater at the same time. Yarn is currently being shipped from Flair.

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2 Responses to s2kp?

  1. Mama T says:

    Hmm, knitty and i are not friends. seed stitch and i are not friends (you are SO right, it’s mega time consuming). good luck with a sweater, whatever it might be.

  2. jcb says:

    hmmm – i just realized that i had typed ss2k throughout that original post because i’m so used to typing sqlserver 2000 for work and that’s how we abbreviate it. the pattern said s2kp and that’s why patrick’s comment was so darn funny. i just changed the post, but am i spazzy or what?