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Wow – that was super fast!  Yesterday afternoon, I noticed that the radishes were coming up.  I was going to take a picture yesterday and was SHOCKED when I looked out this morning and they had doubled in size.  No suprise that they have germinated first as they are some of the shallowest seeds.  The carrots are very shallow too, but no sign of them yet.

The radishes are Burpee’s German Giants and were purchased at Home Depot for $1.69.  I only used about half the pack.  According to the package, seedlings emerge in 4-6 days, so I guess they were right on schedule.  Now, I am supposed to thin them to 2″ apart, but I’m not totally sure I can do that.  I suspect that some will be lost to the local fauna – does that count as thinning?

According to the packets, the next to emerge should be watermelons in 7-10 days.  And I was totally wrong about the carrots – they are 14-21 days!  Also, a whole swack of the other seeds are 7-14 days.

I also haven’t written about the types of tomatoes and peppers that I planted, but intend to do so.  One of my pepper plants in particular is thriving, doubling the number of leaves on the plant since last Sunday and spitting out flowers like nobody’s business.  I had to rescue it from some 50 mph gusting winds this week in a MacGyver-esque fashion which involved a bamboo skewer and twist ties, and I think it is happy for that.

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