day 10


day 10

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There’s noticeable growth everyday…so much so that it’s become the neighbourhood entertainment. Neighbour Rick comes over and checks it out everyday, usually twice.

I’m now working on the irrigation system. I read somewhere that you can use 2L pop bottles to water throughout the day. You just put a pinhole in the bottom and lay the bottle in the garden and it slowly drips out. Of course, we only had one bottle left over from our Christmas party to experiment with. Being the airhead that I am, I didn’t put an airhole in the top for air to get in so that water could drip out. I didn’t understand why no water was dripping and got up to 6 holes on the bottom before Patrick got home and pointed this out to me. As soon as I put a hole in the top, the whole bottle drained in about 5 minutes. Oops.

Now I need to find a source for emptly 2L bottles so I can try again.

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