day 48: peppers



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It’s been a while between posts – and we’ve had some ups and downs!  I’ve still been putting pictures up on flickr, but haven’t blogged.  I also made a set of the photos on flickr which when watched in slideshow mode is mildly entertaining!

All of a sudden a few weeks back, everything thinned out terribly! I think we underwatered for a bit, but then we got some really heavy rains and started to water for 10 – 15 minutes at night and we are back in business!

About two weeks ago, the cukes and zukes both flowered and started to flourish. Also, after the heavy rains, the tomatoes suddenly came to life – I’ve only seen one flower to date, but the are very green and have doubled in size.

By far, the most successful item so far are the peppers. Well, 2/3 of them anyway – the habenaros are a bit of a dud. The other two varieties (one jalapeno hybrid and another salsa pepper) are out of control with many flowers and mini peppers waiting to happen.

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