memorial ‘mater



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Yesterday, I noticed that we had our first tomato poking through. This is from the extra tomato plant that I added later on. The first two plants have grown quite large, but not flowered. We also have three jalapenos now! How’s your garden going?

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2 Responses to memorial ‘mater

  1. Mama T says:

    Hi – actually, the tiny sprouts are just showing their faces. I’ve planted all the ‘nips and carots, corn, 2 types of lettuce, beans and peas. We’ll see how they do. Something I’ve just been told by neighbor/green thumb extraordinaire is to add calciucm caltrate (?) supplements that people take to boost their calcium content to the tomato soil (up to 8 for a big plant) as tomatoes love it. I’m trying to remember to buy some to stick in my 2 plants. It’s supposed to make them flower like crazy.

  2. jcb says:

    Hey – I tried the calcium trick with the calcium I’m supposed to take daily and it worked! Those ‘maters went NUTS and grew about a foot in a week…I put one tablet in the soil at the base of each plant…