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I like to blame part of my lack of blogging on the fact that I won’t do it from work. I really don’t want anyone to see network traffic to my blog, even if I am doing it over lunchtime.
In an effort to blog more, I’m going to try two new things: blogging from the iPhone and composing (but not publishing) over lunch. This is attempt número uno from the iPhone.

So, here are our wedding outfits! Patrick had a long shopping experience on Saturday with Gregg with no luck. Last night, we found this magic Jones New York suit on sale for $149! Doh!

My dress is tea length and is actually a bridesmaid dress that the company (Siri out of San Fran) smartly produces in offwhite for casual weddings. I googled time and time again to find pictures of this dress in this colour with NO luck. Here it is people! More photos to follow! I also had difficulties finding photos of ANY real people wearing this dress. And, of course, no stores in Houston carry this label.

Luckily, I had to go to a conference in Austin in the middle of May. I visited the awesome Unbridaled boutique which not only carried Siri, but was smart enough to stock the above pictured Vivien Leigh in offwhite. They were really great and even shipped the dress to me for twenty dollars. Thank you Unbridaled!

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