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Well, the landscape of our garden certainly has changed since my last garden post…over a month ago, the peas and beans started to have some issues. They were turning brown and the leaves were drying out. Never having grown vegetables in Houston before and due to the increased summer-esque temperatures, I assumed that the plants were failing because they weren’t getting enough water. We began to water for about ten minutes every night.

Then I began to realize that most things planted around the edge of the garden were thriving and things in the center were stunted. This lead me to some web-based resarch wherein I began to realize that our garden woes were being compounded, not helped, by the water. Based on reading, it seemed as though the peas and beans were suffering from root rot. This occurs when the roots can’t spread out and grow because the soil is compacted AND water can’t drain properly. The roots grow fungus and die.

This made total sense to me with the pattern of things around the edge doing better – there is better drainage there. Also, when we built the bed, we compacted the soil and we shouldn’t have (rookie error!). Add to that the intense rains we got in May and you have a recipe for cement like soil.

So, pretty much all our peas and beans died, but cukes and melons have taken over the garden. The melons don’t seem to be pollenating, but there are a poop load of flowers. The cukes also had a LOAD of flowers, but i see about half a dozen actually developing. Maybe it’s too hot for the bugs that are supposed to pollenate these things?

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  1. sara says:

    My sister had to hand pollinate some of her garden veggies. She had to go from flower to flower with a tiny paint brush… the next year she planted some things that attract bees (I don’t remember what) and I think that’s helping.