TYoMIH: Progress on Paper Organization


This weekend, I made significant progress on my organization project.  I started by corralling up all the paper piles and boxes in the house and dividing it into pre-shacking up and post-shacking up content.  I managed to sort through all the post-shacking up papers (the majority of what was out in the open and cluttering up the house) and divided them into recycling/shredding or keep/file.

I took a large garbage bag of shredded paper to the local fundraising recycling drop off a few hours ago.  I also figured out what to file where in two small accordian filers that I bought at Office Max last spring (from their very pretty DiVoga Mod Line).  They will accomodate most of the important papers that we need to file with the exception of some monthly financial statements.  The statements come pre-punched with three-ring binder holes so I am going to file them separately in a binder.  Finally, I contacted some companies who we have done business with in the past that mail us statements and updates and asked to stop receiving these catalogs and reports.

Things left to do:

  • Acquire binder, file financial statements.
  • Sort through old, old papers.  These are three boxes of papers that moved over here from our respective individual homes about 18 months ago.  This does not count Patrick’s random boxes in the garage.  I have no idea what he is hiding out there.
  • Recycle and shred as much of the pre-shacking up papers as possible, try to find a home for anything important in existing expanding folders with records from that era.
  • Todays sorting resulted in a pile of MacLean’s and Real Simple magazines that I want to look at before recycling.  This will be my reading material for the next few weeks when the hubbie is in charge of channel surfing.

So far, I have used existing bins (from the Casual Home line at Target) and files.  I am going to look at work for an old binder which would have otherwise been thrown out.  The one thing I am contemplating buying to finish off the project is some sort of magazine rack for our family room so that our magazines don’t clutter up the coffee table.  I’m a bit stuck though – not sure where it would go in the room and some initial web-browsing didn’t yield any that I really liked.

P.S.  I have fallen back in love with my label maker.  Who knows what labels Patrick will come back to when he returns on Friday!

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One Response to TYoMIH: Progress on Paper Organization

  1. Shannon says:

    w00t! You were productive this weekend. Way to make it happen, Jane!

    I must confess, I also lurve our label maker. I like to pair it with those plastic shoe boxes from The Container Store, and it’s also lovely on power cords.