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wedding shoes

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Since my wedding dress is tea length and off white, I’ve been toying with the idea of wearing some coloured, retro-ish pumps with it. I pretty much gave up on finding matching shoes, and really, I’m not so matchy matchy.

Turns out lots of people wear coloured shoes – but mostly red or blue pumps and neither of those are really me. I was thinking orange or green would be cool, but had pretty much given up hope of finding something in those colours after browsing on zappos.com, nordie’s and dsw for the past few weeks.

Yesterday on the way home from work I decided that it was time to bite the bullet and try to get the shoe thing done. I stopped at one DSW and didn’t find much. Honestly, all of the pumps had SUPER high heels (3 inches plus) which, when your feet are only about 8 or 9 inches long, causes your footsies to be at a very steep angle! I was ready to give up hope, but decided to push on to a second location where I found these beauties.

The called to me from down the aisle, and I had to reign myself in from sprinting toward them. There were only two pairs and one was in my size! And PRADA? Are you kidding me? I’ve never owned shoes that cost as much as a laptop or camera. Their BOX is nicer than most things that I own.

They were originally on sales from $650 to $499. However, this pair was an additional 70% off. FATE. I clutched the box to my chest and roamed the store like a crazy lady. No one could have separated me from that box. The shoes feel like butter on my feet and smell like Italy.

Yay! Green shoes!

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day 93: cukes



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Well, the landscape of our garden certainly has changed since my last garden post…over a month ago, the peas and beans started to have some issues. They were turning brown and the leaves were drying out. Never having grown vegetables in Houston before and due to the increased summer-esque temperatures, I assumed that the plants were failing because they weren’t getting enough water. We began to water for about ten minutes every night.

Then I began to realize that most things planted around the edge of the garden were thriving and things in the center were stunted. This lead me to some web-based resarch wherein I began to realize that our garden woes were being compounded, not helped, by the water. Based on reading, it seemed as though the peas and beans were suffering from root rot. This occurs when the roots can’t spread out and grow because the soil is compacted AND water can’t drain properly. The roots grow fungus and die.

This made total sense to me with the pattern of things around the edge doing better – there is better drainage there. Also, when we built the bed, we compacted the soil and we shouldn’t have (rookie error!). Add to that the intense rains we got in May and you have a recipe for cement like soil.

So, pretty much all our peas and beans died, but cukes and melons have taken over the garden. The melons don’t seem to be pollenating, but there are a poop load of flowers. The cukes also had a LOAD of flowers, but i see about half a dozen actually developing. Maybe it’s too hot for the bugs that are supposed to pollenate these things?

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His and Hers



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I like to blame part of my lack of blogging on the fact that I won’t do it from work. I really don’t want anyone to see network traffic to my blog, even if I am doing it over lunchtime.
In an effort to blog more, I’m going to try two new things: blogging from the iPhone and composing (but not publishing) over lunch. This is attempt número uno from the iPhone.

So, here are our wedding outfits! Patrick had a long shopping experience on Saturday with Gregg with no luck. Last night, we found this magic Jones New York suit on sale for $149! Doh!

My dress is tea length and is actually a bridesmaid dress that the company (Siri out of San Fran) smartly produces in offwhite for casual weddings. I googled time and time again to find pictures of this dress in this colour with NO luck. Here it is people! More photos to follow! I also had difficulties finding photos of ANY real people wearing this dress. And, of course, no stores in Houston carry this label.

Luckily, I had to go to a conference in Austin in the middle of May. I visited the awesome Unbridaled boutique which not only carried Siri, but was smart enough to stock the above pictured Vivien Leigh in offwhite. They were really great and even shipped the dress to me for twenty dollars. Thank you Unbridaled!

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memorial ‘mater



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Yesterday, I noticed that we had our first tomato poking through. This is from the extra tomato plant that I added later on. The first two plants have grown quite large, but not flowered. We also have three jalapenos now! How’s your garden going?

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Resistance is Futile



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I couldn’t resist.  I had to pull one up.  To be completely honest, I did the same thing a few weeks back, but it was just a root so I felt guilty and shoved it back in.  I think this is the same one as the bulb was very close to the surface.

And now the test…yup, tastes like a radish!  Delicious.

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